Because we f**king love it! (reason 1)


this post has been a long time coming. last year when this thing started bob said that I should do a “52 reasons why I think eastvan is the greatest” (1 reason a week for a year) and I agreed. I wanted the first reason to be a good one and I thought what better reason than the fact that the people that live here love it so much. Where else do you see people scrawling there hood on the busstops all around town, and making sweaters with there shit emblazoned on the back. I had a bunch of photos of eastvan crosses and things but there was this one picture of the guy with the eastvan rules sweater from the 60s or 70s that I needed to make the post complete. its from the history of skateboarding vancouver skull skates book. I finally found it again and got a pic of it for the post.

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