bringing in new flavour


Was krumping around Romantic Child studios in gastown on tuesday while Sterling Pache (film producer and creative genius out of toronto) was testing out his adapter. The two of us together managed to create this, with my dancing and his awesome video filming and editing skills.

Just wanted to give everyone a heads up that RCS is going to be another awesome creative resource in Vancouver, housed up the street from where Livestock is on Cordova and Abbott; the members of RCS, including myself, are going to start collaborating and putting out some mind-blowing shit in the next couple of minds. We will also be opening up the studio space for use for anyone interested in using the space to dance, shoot, host a workshop, etc. There will also be some workshops coming up on cinematography, filming, editing, photographing and much more. Learn more at the link I provided above, tune in to our youtube channel – sterling just put out T-West’s first music video – “T-Dot State of Mind” which was filmed in -20 degree weather in Toronto. Props to Sterling! Peace – and get at us!

Photos of the studio: Before—–> After