Vancouver’s latest hugging….



March 11, 2009: East Vancouver, B.C.

Shortly before 2pm today at the 3500 block of East Pender in Vancouver, an adult male and adult female were seen in each other’s arms.  Many hugs do go unreported, but authorities have confirmed this was the city’s 99,542th recorded hug of the year.  The nature of the hug is unknown but it appears to be targeted, according to witnesses’ the two were engaged in conversation when suddenly, and without warning, hugging broke out.  One witnesses confirms hearing the man saying prior to the hug, “Hmm….I really like your hair like that…’  The couple is not known to the Police, however an unnamed source reports that an associate of the female once tried to get an autograph from Sting in Pacific Centre Mall.  He was a jerk.  While high fiving, handshaking, and the ‘wassup’ nod, have been on the decline since January, the hug has been running rampant in the streets of Vancouver…at an alarming rate……and we just thought it was our duty to tell you that.