It’s not easy being the hometown hero, but Rob ‘Sluggo’ Boyce has successfully done it for over two decades.  He was around when I first started skating, he was around when you first started skating.  The number of things he has done for skateboarding in Vancouver is endless, from helping get our city put on the map with his vert skills, to opening the RDS indoor park, to hooking some random kid up at the park with a t-shirt, he’s done it all and then some.  


Why is Vancouver so Awesome?

What makes Vancouver awesome to me is that it has given me everything I have ever needed.  It has been my favourite skatepark, mountain, shoreline, and a friend with open arms whenever I come home. It makes me look good whenever people visit me from out of town.  I truly believe Vancouver is he most beautiful city in the world.

What are some of your all time favourite places to skate in Vancouver?

Hastings park is by far one of the best parks I have ridden anywhere in the world. It has 4 different transitions with endless lines and transfers. 


Who are your favourite skaters from Vancouver? 

That little kid that just landed his first kickflip. 

Where’s your favourite place in Vancouver? 

Vancouver offers so many incredible spots, Stanley park , Wreck beach , 3rd Beach , Lynn Canyon , Deep Cove , UBC endownment lands, plus little spots like Trout lake.  If your ever bored in Vancouver , Shame on you.

Describe your perfect Vancouver day:

A perfect day in Vancouver, there are hundreds of variations. Anything with friends, family, skate, snow, bike, hike, music, laughter, and a BBQ, at any of the spots I mentioned above.


Sluggo and fam…

Do you think Vancouver will ever get an indoor that lasts more than a year? 

Sarah Blyth an old friend of mine was just elected to the parks boards in the last election. She’s part of Vancouver’s new mayor, Gregor Robertson’s Vision team. Sarah has spoken to me regarding an indoor that is on Gregor’s radar for the future of Vancouver. I’m not going to hold my breath, but I think it may come to be.  Honestly though, I think Vancouver has to deal with our homelessness first and foremost.

Sluggo Visalia Skatecamp 1991 vert run from Jason Rothmeyer on Vimeo.