I know we’re just getting out of winter, but when I think North Shore, I think snowboarding.  So who would know the spots better than OG Seymour Kid: Kevin Sansalone.    

Kevin took a break from his busy schedule juggling a film company: Sandbox, board company: Whitegold (and I thought a board was just a board…), and helmet company: Brain Buckets to let us in on his all time favourite of the faves:

1. Mamma Sansalone’s – I was born and raised on the same street my whole life, right between Mount Seymour and Deep Cove. Ocean at your front door and mountains out your back door.

2. Snowboarding on Mount Seymour – My second home growing up as a kid we spent every free minute up on Mount Seymour during the winters.

3. Deep Cove – great spot to hang, have a drink, eat, swim, camping, fishing and go out boating.

4. Seylynn Bowl – Original Canadian skatepark and still a unique place to skate even today with all kinds of skaters young and old.

5. All the other skateparks in N.V. such a great city for skating.

6. Biking on Mount Seymour – Another original breakthrough for North Van… freeride mountain biking.

7. Seymour River – classic North Van youth right of passage… cliff jumping in Seymour River.

8. The Arms Reach Bistro in Deep Cove – Go bug Eric on a busy night and tell him I sent you. 

9. The view of Vancouver from North Van is pretty amazing from so many different spots in North Van. From the North Van waterfront the city is a towering busy metropolis, but from the top of Mount Seymour the city looks like a futuristic island. Also, the city can look crazy during cloud inversions from the top of Mount Seymour.



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