Downtown Vancouver’s Cleanest Alley!


Way back when I was in high school, in the glory days when my stomach could digest cheese and wheat and even garlic, I would take the bus down town to go buy cassette tapes and dollar slice pizza. One particular trip I had already purchased some cassette tapes from the fantastic selection at Track Records (I don’t remember what I bought this exact day but it was probably something amazing like Y’all So Stupid), and I was down to my last few dollars. I had just enough left for some delicious dollar slice pizza (back when it was actually a dollar) and bus fare to get back home. So I headed over to the dirty old dollar slice shop on Dunsmuir to get some pizza. I got my pizza, took a single bite and was heading back down Seymour when I tripped on a cracked piece of sidewalk and dropped my dollar slice face down in one of those puddles of garbage/pee/poo/who knows what else juice at the entrance of an alley. The 3 second rule does not apply when whatever you drop lands in a “liquid” so I left it….. Fast forward to 2009, if I had dropped that pizza in this alley, I could have waited 10 maybe even 20 seconds before I picked it up and ate that slice. Look at it, it’s immaculate not even a trace of garbage or garbage juice, it even gets some mid day sun shine.


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