Sea Village Houseboats


There seems to be a few places in the lower mainland where you can live in a house on the water. Kind of what Relic (from the Beachcombers) lived in, but a bit more modern and less dilapitated. The highest profile group of houseboats is Sea Village on Granville Island. Their view of the Gray Whale must of have been amazing.

Thousands of people are constantly roaming by so I don’t think the houseboat people expect much privacy.

A good number of the houseboats are of the modernist mode of architeture.

Some of them have lots of windows to see in / out of.

The mailboxes for Sea Village are well decorated and personalized.

From the looks of it, all the roofs act as places to party and catch some sunlight.

Everyone from the glass towers of Yaletown can peek down.

There are a few places around for sale and rental and there is a B&B of houseboats down in Ladner. Great way to get a taste of living on the water.