Agoo clothing for kids


Last week the folks at Agoo Apparel were kind enough to send my daughter, Cassandra, some of their awesome clothing for active kids (I think that’s ALL kids, isn’t it?!). So as soon as the sun came out, we put on her new things and headed to the beach to give them the old sun ‘n sand test.

I like the UV protected and stain-resistant fabric. Also, when Cass was done rolling around in the sand,

I just dusted her off and she was still clean enough to sit on the couch when we got home. Nice!

Cass thinks her new clothes are cool, stretchy and comfy. Oh yeah, and she ESPECIALLY likes that they match her hat and boots.

There are lots of other reasons to love Agoo, like the fact that they’re based in Vancouver and use eco-friendly bamboo and fleece made from recycled materials. Or the fact that their styles not only look great but are super functional. A lot of thought has gone into the design of their clothing, and it shows. You can check out their products here. Thanks, Agoo!

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