Gathering of the masses


I was away for part of this long weekend attending a wedding in Regina. While checking my email on the road I got some photo’s sent to me from my girlfriend. I had heard there was a block party at Victory Square but didn’t know much about it. I’ve seen a few weird things go on in the square like people talking to them selves, preaching out loud (very loud) and a guy talking on his cellphone…naked.This photo made it look like good use of the square.

I especially like the photo itself. Being that its in black and white does make it look timeless. It felt like it could have been taken in the 70’s at an anti war protest. There are some obvious hints of 2010 but I thought the photographer did a pretty good job. The photographer on this photo is 5 year old Sirius B (see self portrait with Dad below). I thought I would post some other photos of his from the day. I feel he caught some good times down in the square. Enjoy

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