The Proof – Megz Majewski


Megan Majewski is a local lowbrow artist who’s cute and creepy art has left goose bumps on the souls of its admirers from Sydney to L.A.  Her art lives in a world of svelte sexy women of the dead and there ever so cute and decaying cuddly companions.  Her real life isn’t too far off, her studio has many sources of inspiration that were once among the living and a big collection of oddities and curiosities.  She used to work as an animator on feature films and cartoons but gave that up to work solely on her art.  Working as home has it’s obvious perks, but when you have full stocked tiki bar and tiki mug collection in your home, it means you are never too far from a Mai-tai or Macadamia nut chi-chi.  Her paintings have branched out into jewelry and other accessories all bearing the same adorably disturbing vibe. Megz’ art is all around Vancouver in galleries, shops and markets ready to give you nightmares of something that will undoubtedly be so cute that you want to pinch its cheeks and run.

The Proof

01 My man’s car.  I feel my cool points going up when I get to cruise in this beast.

02 My main form of transportation.  So much fun and great to get around on, so long as there are no hills or even slight inclines.

03 I figure if I work from home, I better make home a cool place to be.  And I can also make myself a fancy cocktail anytime of the day.  However it doesn’t help me with leaving the house.

04 Happy corner of lovely creatures in my studio.  There is an entire cat skeleton, kitten skull, crow, crow skull, jackalope, baby skunk, butterflies, old gas mask, poison bottle, bugs, a couple resin cast fish (one being of my roommates fishy), and much more!

05 Quoted from a friend of mine…”He’s appeared on Conan, can grow one heck of a mustache, gets “leid” whenever the tiki lights turn on and can drink girlie drinks out of a straw. This is the cat all cats and men aspire to be.”

06 Just picked up my newest run of prints.

07 My work table right now, mostly a pile of sketches for my next show I have coming up.

08 Makin’ mario cupcakes for my brother’s 30th birthday.

The Questions

What neighborhood do you live in?
Crosstown (chinatown/gastown area).

What do you do and where?

I am a full time artist.  I work from home in my little studio painting and creating all sorts of fun things all day.

What are you working on?

Currently I am doing concept work for  my next paintings for my next upcoming show.  It will be the Robots and Monsters show at they Ayden Gallery October 22nd.

Where can we find your work?
Plenty of local shops and galleries around town, The Ayden Gallery, Jem Gallery, Flaming Angels, New World, Planet Claire, or…
My not so updated website