Scene and Heard: Last Week In Music Vol. 37 ft. The Zolas, David Vertesi, Treelines, and Behind Sapphire


SCENE AND HEARD showcases the independent music scene here in

We interview some of our favourite local artists, post weekly guest playlists comprised of Vancouver artists and ‘Last Week in
Music’ highlights some of the concerts happening around the city…

We’re back! Two shows for you this week…the opening gala of the PuSh festival had The Zolas performing at 560 on Monday, and last Friday, David Vertesi, Treelines and Behind Sapphire played an all ages show at St James Hall. Was a great week of music!

THIS WEEK IN MUSIC: has 500 shows on Friday, and I’m going to see some in Victoria! Your options include: The Pack AD @ The Biltmore, Christopher Arruda, Adaline & Rob Moir @ The Diners Rendezvous, Nadia von Hahn vs Chantel Upshaw @ Falconettis OR come to Victoria to see Versa with The Roadside Dogs & NikTex @ Metro Studio and then mosey over to Lucky Bar for Top Less Gay Love Tekno Party! Also this week, I will be seeing Hard Core Logo: Live! Check it out!

All Images Copyright Christine McAvoy