Van City Kitty: Meet Ocho!


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Meet VIA reader Brittany Allan’s cat Ocho. Here’s what Brittany had to say about him:

Name: Ocho Cinco
Breed/Colouring: Bengal
Hood: Downtown Van City
Habits: Has a giant teddy bear that he likes to put in his house. He also goes crazy over twist ties. But the one that is so funny is EVERY straw in the house is his and he collects them all ( even if they are still in a cup) and puts them in one spot.
Hangouts: On top of his scratching post and on my face while I am sleeping. Tunnels under blankets and sleeps for hours.
Other info: Ocho was named after a football player from the Cincinnati Bengals. He came from Mission and has the coolest personality of any cat I have ever met. He is friends with Boo Bear‘s Dad. He is not scared of anyone but so curious he burnt his face while smelling a candle…he was OK…but he hasn’t done that ever again!

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