Van City Kitty: Meet Cleo!


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VIA reader Andrea submitted her gorgeous blue-eyed beast Cleo. Here’s what Andrea had to say about Cleo:

Name: Cleo Tong-Tucker
Breed/Colouring: Siamese Snowshoe Tabby
Hood: Fairview
Habits: Sleeping, eating, looking for cuddles (only from her family—I stress the ‘only’ part)
Hangouts: In the spring/summer, you will most likely find her lying in a sunbeam, and in the winter, propped up next to the radiator. If you have anything soft and plushy, you can pretty much bet that she will be on it.
Other info: Cleo was rescued from the BC SPCA in May 2003. Apparently her old owners were moving and didn’t think she would adjust well to new surroundings. She was the second cat I saw at the shelter and it was love at first sight. We bought her home, she hopped out of the box and has been home ever since.

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