Vancouver Book Club:
Lee Henderson’s The Man Game illustrations – Part 1


The current selection in the Vancouver Book Club is Lee Henderson’s award winning book, The Man Game, and we’ll be hosting Lee for a chat this coming Wednesday, May 25 at 7pm at the historic Vancouver Park Board office in Stanley Park. This is a free event where we’re inviting all of you who have read this great book to come down and have an intimate talk with the author for a couple of hours.

In the few days leading up we’re sharing the entire collection of original illustrations that Lee drew to illustrate the different moves in the actual Man Game he dreamed up!

Figure 1.1
The Cherry Tree Clutch
Requires the steadiness of a pillar and the flexibility of the longest branch to take the force of the opponent, coming as fast as a boulder down a mountain, and to bend him through twists and turns as if the clod was instead a cat in the clutches of a cherry tree.

Figure 1.2
Rook Takes Pawn
A great dance of angled slaps, pivots, slaps, twists, and slaps, and no matter how violent the attacks, the players remain in step to a common rhythm.

Figure 1.3
A cocksure move on the part of both players, who unwisely confuse the hardness a the brainpan with the durability a the flesh.

Figure 1.4
Dip the Schnitzel
It is like seeing a waltz performed by starlings, fast as light on water, a delicate pattern visible even as the men strike, dodge, and pummel.

Figure 1.5
The Mary Shelley: aka the Great Fire
Torture by the burning grip; a dance greatly unbalanced in favour a the cruel flames that lick at the leader’s conscience.

Don’t miss the FREE Vancouver Book Club meeting with Lee Henderson on Wednesday, May 25 at 7pm at the historic Vancouver Park Board office in Stanley Park! Click HERE for more info.

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