You couldn’t have picked a better weekend to have a ball hockey tournament.  The weather’s been perfect to play in, much better than a sweltering August day in a lacrosse box, having to dodge puddles.

The atmosphere at Metrotown is surreal as street hockey has taken over.  The parking lots are full of courts, and everyone is walking around the mall with hockey sticks, pretty sure I saw some kid stick handling in Sears.



This is our team!  We’re off to a great start, qualifying first.  We start today where we left off last year, in the quarter finals, hopefully there will be redemption!  Comparatively, we have it so much easier than some of the other divisions, this is our schedule, this is their’s, it’s some March Madness type stuff.   Come cheer us on at 3:20 and with luck, and running our asses off, 5:20 in the finals.



Not a bad looking bunch…..

Bonus photo:  This is from the celebrity game and really was worth the trip of coming out to Play On.  You know this guy right?  He’s one of the many ‘voices of the Vancouver Canucks’, well, after opening the game with the singing of the national anthem.

He played…..