Yep….last Sunday VIA was on their way to taking back the coed division championship in Hockey Night in Canada’s Play On street hockey tournament.  Our team of Tim Stump, Ashley Stephenson, Erynn Tomlinson, Simon Lam, Jas Gil, Ranbir Dulai were clicking from get go, this may be our best team yet.  We played so well on Saturday that we received a bye on Sunday which was well needed.  Our quarter final game was a grinding match, and we faced the hard working Team Yamazaki in the finals.   We came out on top, but it wasn’t easy…..

This year was as good as ever.  While most of Canada plays their hockey in arenas and backyard rinks, Vancouver plays their hockey in the streets and Play On really epitomizes this.  From watching the skill of the tykes, to the intensity of the Elite division, it was all hockey,and all fun.

Special thanks to Angela Ling for all the photos!

Here’s us wearing the prized blue T-shirts, they are only handed out to the winning teams.  Not pictured in the photo are Jas and Ranbir.

Click for more highlights!

The newest addition to the team this year, my Roundhouse Sunday hockey buddy Ashley Stephenson, who scored a hat trick in the finals.  This is what happens when you leave the girl open……

This was my line, Erynn, myself and Simon.  Although we’re on the sidelines, on the court it we weren’t much different, Simon and Erynn watching the game…me…..talking.

Simon…. gratuitous triceps shot.  Simon was our energy guy, non friggin’ stop.

Dr. Jas, breaking out!

24 hours later I bumped into this girl at Fujiya….that’s Vancouver.  $10 says she’s related to me by marriage.

The Ranbir and Jas show!

Day two bonus photo, Mark Donnelly running!  Much better than me singing….