Van City Kitty: It’s Molly Waffles


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VIA reader Emily Wight submitted her rad tortoiseshell (aren’t all torties rad?!) to our series. Here are the deets on Molly Waffles:

Name: Molly Waffles
Breed/Colouring: Tortoiseshell
Hood: South Granville
Habits: Stealing sips of whatever we’re drinking out of cups, stealing bites of whatever we’re eating off of plates, napping, racing around the apartment as if being chased, and cuddling on the couch
Hangouts: Dresser drawers, couch arms, piles of warm laundry, sunny spots
Other info: Molly came from the Vancouver SPCA, and before we read the instructions on how to introduce a cat to her new home, we let her out of her carrying case and into our messy apartment. She adapted immediately, and pretty much runs the place. She likes (and is affectionate with) just about everyone, but has a soft spot for men and will hurl herself shamelessly at all male guests, demanding pets and refusing to be brushed aside, never taking “I have allergies” as an excuse.

She is awesome.

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