Home Grown: Moor Design


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Moor Design
Established 2007

Moor Design is a full service Interior Design studio located on Union St, in the heart of Chinatown. The firm specializes in residential, commercial and hospitality ventures and is passionate about creating successful and marketable projects. Their personable and professional design team understands the importance of good design and is dedicated to creating inviting spaces that tell a story or relay a mood. Each project is a journey and their approach is to work one-on-one, to communicate well with clients and encourage their participation. They pride themselves on producing original, functional, refined and practical design solutions, that are both economical and stand the test of time. Moor Design also embraces the amazing opportunity to connect and work with local business owners to make their design dreams into a reality as they go through their transformation process. Contributing to the local community and designing inspiring environments that are full of heart is what drives them.

Environmentally conscious design is a large focus for Moor Design. To assist in creating healthy living spaces, their team is responsible for specifying eco-friendly products/ materials and followings ‘Green’ building practices. They provide services that vary from concept development, project budgeting, project management, space planning, design drawings, sustainable design, furnishings, as well as collaborating with developers and architects. Moor Design is community focused and uses local artists works and unique crafts and trades people for many of their projects. They are also huge fans of and support non-profit organizations such as Habitat for Humanity and Architecture for Humanity.

We asked Sarah Hollett, Principle Designer at Moor Design, a few questions about business and life in Vancouver.

If Moor Design is known for one thing amongst it’s clients, what would it be?

We engage our clients in the design process and make it fun. We strive to make the experience collaborative and the focus is always on the unique needs of each project. Our goal is to have clients love every step of their project , not just the final outcome. 

Who is your personal favourite designer of all time?

I have a profound respect for and have been greatly influenced by Charles and Ray Eames. Their furniture design process was very unique and they did amazing work with colour, experimentation, and free-form sculpture. Their collaborations together using moulded plywood, fibreglass and wire mesh resulted in some really incredible furniture pieces. Their Walnut Stools are still a few of my favourite to this day.

I’d also like to give a shout out to William McDonough, who is an amazing Architect and Community and Product Designer. I would highly recommend reading the book “Cradle To Cradle” that he co-wrote. It’s mind-blowing and without a doubt will change your thinking on how things are made and their life cycles.

Aside from Moor Design, what’s your favourite Vancouver business and why?

I love Greenworks Building Supply in East Vancouver. Their staff are extremely knowledgeable about environmentally-friendly materials and are always amazing to work with. 

What keeps you here? Like what’s the best thing about Vancouver?

I have lived here my whole life and in that time I’ve watched beautiful Vancouver transform into a very progressive city that inspires me daily. There is such a great sense of community and culture here, as well as many unique Architectural and Design influences. I wouldn’t live anywhere else!