Van City Kitty: Neeko & Marley!


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VIA reader Chris Zawada knows that two kitties = double the fun. Meet Neeko & Marley:

Name: Neeko
Breed/Colouring: Siamese/Himalayan
Hood: Chinatown
Habits: Scratching new furniture, attacking his brother, attacking our legs, noshing on thawing meat, laying in the sink, trying to escape our apartment, tripping out on catnip, sleeping on his dad’s lap, snuggling with his mom at night, meeting us at the door
Hangouts: On the window ledge, on the bed, on the couch, on the printer, on the office chair, on the floor, in the closet, under the bed

Name: Marley
Breed/Colouring: Mystery Cat
Hood: Chinatown
Habits: Sleeping, eating, sleeping, eating, playing with his mouse, playing with his ball, watching the birds, sleeping, eating, sleeping, eating
Hangouts: Anywhere he can eat or sleep

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