GIANTS III: Adam Pateman, man of pate


Pate may refer to:

  • Pate (musical instrument), a Samoan percussion instrument
  • Pâté, a type of meat paste, terrine or pie
  • Pate, pâte, or paste, a term for the interior body (non-rind portion) of cheese, described by its texture, density, and color
  • Pate, The human head, and what is within.
  • Pateman , Adam (funny person), a Canadian comedian whose combination of the anecdotal and self-deprecating humour has led to success locally and in the international market.   Known also for playing the pate with a mouth full of Pâté while others enjoy the pâte he serves with fresh bread.

At 2 years old, comedian Adam Pateman asked his mother ‘what the deal’ was with his baby food.  It took years for his mother to realize how gifted her boy really was, and he often opens with that that joke and other strong baby food material as a tribute to her. 

Since those early days as a wunderkind Adam has gone on to win Vancouver’s People Choice Comedy award, star in his own Comedy Now special, and appear all over your T.V in different ways.  We recently found footage from his work with legendary actor Ryan Beil, and have the exclusive privilege to share the never before released tape:


This Saturday, child genius Adam Pateman and adult marvel Ryan Beil will be reunited again at GIANTS III: Self Quest by Ryan Beil.  The show also features performances from Charlie Demers, The Ryan Steele and Amy Goodmurphy Show, Fancy Pants, and of course the Brigadoon-esque performance of Self Quest, a play written by and starring Jessie Award winning actor/comedian Ryan Beil (when he was a nimble and sprite 16 years old).

GIANTS III January 14th @10pm

Location: The Vancity Culture Lab – 1895 Venables Street

Tickets: Only $10.  Advance tickets at with some tickets available at the door.

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