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One of the coolest things about Vancouver is it’s VERY close proximity to vast areas of natural green space. The biggest and vast-est (is vast-est a word?) of course, being Stanley Park, literally 5 minutes removed from downtown Vancouver. We are so blessed to have this jewel of green immediately withing our reach.
I love seeing photos of it, in it, around it and from it submitted to the Daily Flickr Pickr pool, but rarely do I see really cool ones shot at night. Sure, I see photos of the city taken from the Park Seawall and what have you, but they are usually taken during the day. Take this awesome photo from Stefan Klopp of the twinkling lights of the city shot in a Bokeh style, with one of the park benches in sharp focus. A very different take on a type of photo that’s taken all the time.

Enjoy Twinkling City from Kloppster


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