Van City Kitty: Meet Forrest-Blue Fluffyboots!


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Here are the deets on Forrest as submitted by VIA reader Lilian Taylor :

Names: Forrest-Blue Fluffyboots the First and Only  (or “Forrest” for short)

Breed/Colouring: He looks a lot like a Norwegian Forest cat; semi long haired with a super soft, thick undercoat. He is mostly white and brown with beautiful clear blue, slightly crossed eyes, and a very fetching beauty spot on his face

Hood: North Vancouver

Habits: Loafing and eating.. Followed by eating and loafing

Hangouts: Usually to be found at the base of the custom made West Coast Posts cat tree, on the end table which is now an official Forrest perch not to be used by humans. He can also be found lying on one of the shelves on the balcony which seem to have been made just the right size for him – not too big, not too small… but just right.

Favorite Things: Food, his adopted siblings (especially Bella and Francesca,) being made a fuss of and grooming his human.  Forrest loves kittens and is very protective of them.  When the catnip comes out, Forrest becomes ferocious.  ‘Nip brings out the Jekyll and Hyde in him, so watch out!

Other Info: Forrest was adopted from VOKRA about  16 months ago when he was around 6 years old.  It was love at first sight with his person, Lilian. He is one GREAT BIG, super friendly kitty cat, who thinks of himself as a tiny little kitten who can climb up on your lap and cuddle any time he likes.  Lilian thinks he has what’s known as body dysmorphic disorder, but in the best way possible!  Forrest is going to have to get a gym membership and do some serious working out…

He’s on to Lilian when she tries to take a photo that shows his baby blues, so he shuts his eyes tight whenever she comes near him with the camera!

Forrest opens his eyes for nobody’s camera!

Forrest doing his best attempt at a sit-up:

Owning the floor:

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