Van City Kitty: Meet Ms. Hannah Grey!


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Here are the deets on Hannah as submitted by VIA reader  : Becki Chan!

Name: Hanna Grey

Breed/Colouring: Russian Blue.  She has a grey coat and green eyes

Hood: Yaletown


Hangouts:Anywhere her person happens to be sitting. If she is watching TV on the couch, Hannah takes up most of the seat and her person sits on the edge to make Hannah happy. Also, on top of laptops that are in use.

Habits: She is a big fan of licking the bathtub just after someone showers. She also likes rolling over sideways in hope of someone walking by and petting her!

Favorite Things: Tap water, black hair bands, tea bags

Other Info: Hannah is very loved and has her very own blog!

Hannah considering a drink:

Hannah with a favorite toy!

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Cuddly little Hannah: