Terminal City Rollergirls – Last Chance for Roller Derby in 2012 on September 8


By Evada Perón, photos by Bob Ayers

The time is near. It’s what every member of the Terminal City Rollergirls has worked towards all season — the 2012 Championships and the battle for the coveted Mercury Shield. On Saturday, Sept. 8, Kerrisdale Arena will be invaded by roller derby girls and their rabid fans for the last time in 2012, and it’s shaping up to be the most intense playoffs event in TCRG history.

The first whistle of the night will send Public Frenemy swaggering into battle against the new and improved Riot Girls for the third place title.  The skill level and intensity in the third place bout is going to give the first place bout a run for its money. It’s impossible to predict what the outcome of this bout will be, but we can guarantee a track covered in camouflage and neon face paint.

The Riot Girls have made it clear they are ready for a win. With so much natural talent on the bench, the Riot Girls have steadily improved from their rebuilding season last year to become one of the most exciting TCRG teams to watch in 2012. There is no question that hard-hitting skaters like veteran blocker-turned-jammer D.A. DaRuckus and powerhouse blocker Honey Habanero, multi-talented jammer/blockers like Trixi Trippin’ Chix, Hittin’ Miss and Sundown, and standout rookie Justine Timberskate will be giving it their all.  They were a fierce match for the undefeated Bad Reputations during semi-finals, only losing by twelve points, and will be fighting hard for a place on the podium this year.

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The Riot Girls (in red) swarm an opponent to make way for their jammer

Public Frenemy came very close to winning the championships last season, and has kept up that intensity ever since. They demonstrated their tenacity at the Aug. 25 semi-finals game, where they kept the lead over current champions The Faster Pussycats for most of the bout, only to lose in the last four minutes 95-91. With new faces  PF’s fan club continues to grow, with players like double-threat rookie Specialist Cally, All-Star alumnus Ludacrushis (fka Lucrushya Boardya) and rookie jammer Flamin’ Jane (who scored a truckload of points during the semi-finals game) on the roster. Rounding out their deep bench will be familiar faces to PF fans –  agile jammers Deathly Innocent and Pretty Painful, and aggressive, powerful blocker Aunt Jam Imma will be sure to bring sophisticated strategy and confidence to the track. Fans will also be delighted to see veteran skater Collide-O-Scope Kid finally back in action after a long recovery from injury.

Public Frenemy jammer Deathly Innocent breaks away from the pack

Question: What happens when you place the undefeated team of 2012 against the undefeated team of 2011? We shall find out during the second game on Saturday night. The current reigning champions, the Faster Pussycats, will be digging their claws into their current title, while the Bad Reputations will be hoping to reclaim the familiar trophy that’s had their name on it three times since 2007.

Team captain Diva La Revolution feels that this years’ Bad Reps roster differs from years past. “We’ve had less injuries for one, but the major difference I think is attitude. Our team environment is much more positive, encouraging, and fun this year. People are more committed and enthusiastic and I feel that the team as a whole is more tight-knit than last year. We all love derby and love each other, so we’re having a great time.” The Bad Reps have some very straightforward goals in regards to the upcoming game. When asked to sum them up in three words each, Diva took no time at all to respond with a smile: “Own the track, and win the game.”

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Faster Pussycats’ jammer Evada Peron hits the deck after a hit from Bad Reps’ blocker Lamb Baste-her

According to captain and jammer Tiki TimeBomb, the biggest difference this year for the Faster Pussycats is the amount of rookies who have joined the roster, as well as “the FPC secret weapon: Coach Moneyball.” Whatever Moneyball has been doing this season seems to be working, as the Pussycats have been a formidable competitor. Going into the championship game, Tiki states, “we will remain a hyper-efficient, goal-setting, stats-studying machine.” She explains that from the beginning of the season the FPC focus has been on “strength, strategy, and solidarity. When you wear the black and purple, you don’t play for yourself. You play for the team. It shows in how we skate together, how we behave on the bench, and how we’ve clawed our way into the championship bout yet again.” Her favorite moment of the year so far? “I’d have to say the win over Frenemy (during semi-finals). We both deserved it, and either team could have won. I think every bit of air went out of me when Evada called off that last jam. Good derby makes you hold your breath.”

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You might need an oxygen tank on Sept. 8.

Event Details
Doors will open at 5pm at Kerrisdale Arena (5670 West Boulevard at 41st Ave), and things kick off at 5:45pm. Tickets for adults are $15 in advance or $20 at the door, kids 6-12 are $10, and kids 5 and under are free. Advance tickets are available online at terminalcitytickets.com or at the Sin Bin Sports Grill (295 W. 2nd Ave in Vancouver). This family-friendly event will have food carts and a beer garden, DJ Shawn LaRock spinning tunes all night, and a fun half-time show. Kerrisdale is a cash-only venue, so please bring some of that funny paper money.

First timer?
Watch this video: youtu.be/tdErcLIxGWc
Then download this app: rollerderbyintro.com

For an optimal roller derby viewing experience, we recommend wearing your favorite team colours (bright green & orange for Frenemy, teal and lightning bolts for Bad Reps, cammo for Riot Girls and purple/silver for Faster Pussycats), painting your face, making a sparkly sign and/or sitting trackside on the floor. General shenanigans and mild tomfoolery are also encouraged.