Van City Kitty: Take Us Home Edition: Meet Ginger Greeting Card Models; Walter, Avery, and George!


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Every month we feature a few kitties who are looking for their forever home. Today we have a special edition featuring adoptable kitties who have their very own greeting cards benefiting Katie’s Place and Home Finders!

Looking for some greeting cards for birthdays or holiday cards that are bright, sunny, and non-denominational? Would you like to fill your friends’ and families’ mailboxes with something other than bills and flyers? How about one-upping the cat photo internet exchange with photos of cats you can touch, write on, and put on people’s in-real-life desktops? (And if you want to go a step even further, you can adopt these exact cats and give them big 3-dimensional hugs all the time!)….Lisa Brideau, who is a giant help to Van City Kitty in coordinating photos and bios of rescue kitties for the Take Us Home Editions has designed 4 sweet kitty greeting cards featuring rescue cats who are currently up for adoption.  Every penny of the proceeds go to the shelter the kitty on the card is from; currently we have cats from Katie’s Place and HomeFinders, including Walter, below!


Cards can be purchased through the Maked Etsy page clickable on this text right here, or look for them at local craft fairs this season!



Walter, currently residing at Katie’s Place, was struggling to get along with his family’s dogs and children, and he expressed his unhappiness by urinating inappropriately. His family wasn’t willing or able to cope with Walter’s behavior and surrendered him.  Since arriving at Katie’s Place, he has been consistently using the litter box, forming special relationships with some of our volunteers and has been spotted lounging in an extended embrace on numerous occasions. He can be a little grumpy at times, delivering an occasional and unexpected whap with his paw, but it may be that once in a home of his own with a calm, small family to love him, he will let go of this last vestige of uncertainty and give himself over completely to love and trust and happiness.

Adopt Walter HERE


Avery from HomeFinders is an adorable little guy with unique colours; he looks like a creamsicle! He is a little nervous around people so needs some special attention in a home with lots of love and patience.

Adopt Avery HERE



George from HomeFinders is a big loveable kitten. He is playful and curious, but also loves to snuggle. He likes to curl in warm places like laps and the crook of your neck.  He would love to be adopted with one of his foster brothers as he is a very social cat, but he would also do fine on his own or with another cat he has yet to meet! George has also been around small children and has shown great patience with them.

Adopt Mr. O’Mally HERE


Photos are courtesy ofCindy Hughes from Muddy Love Pet Photography.

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