Van City Kitty: Meet Harriet!


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Here are the deets on Harriet, submitted by VIA reader : Jeremy Hood!

Names: Harriet

Breed/Colouring: Short black furs

Hood: Grandview near Commercial Drive

Habits: Kneading and being needy in the early hours of the morning when her person is trying to sleep, getting a little too excited for her own good and bothering the older cat to play (who usually does not want to play.)

Hangouts: She can be found on one of the many cat-exclusive blankets found around the house, sometimes sleeping/cuddling beside the older cat. When the person is on the computer she hangs out on the mouse pad next to the computer. She loves the window sills that have great views of the North Shore mountains and downtown Vancouver and she absolutely adores watching the water getting used in the bathroom sink.

Favorite Things: Harriet loves playing IN water, so her water dish is always thick with fur and half full from being spilled by her. She also has an incredible appetite for food, especially the raw food that she gets fed. Harriet loves anything she can bat around the house for hours; even the simplest of things like a crumpled up piece of paper.

Other Info: Harriet was the smallest of her litter and her eyes were originally blue but are now yellow. She is a very sweet gal who has an endless supply of energy and affection to give either humans or the other cat in the house she shares with. She also has some very faint tabby stripes that are only visible in certain light.!

Harriet was born under VOKRA‘s care.  Her mother was found homeless and pregnant outdoors, was lucky enough to be rescued, and had her kittens in health and safety.

Just try to resist those big kitty eyes:

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