Van City Kitty: Meet Conan!


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Here are the deets on Conan, submitted by VIA reader : Jean!

Names: Conan

Breed/Colouring: He’s a grey, beige, and white Maine Coon

Hood: Burnaby

Habits: Conan loves to try and squish his big Maine Coon body into teeny boxes, sleeping under Jean’s arm, snoring, and sleep-drooling.  He prefers to drink water by dunking his paw and then licking off the water.  He also is in the habit of acting suddenly paranoid or startled when trying to get out of the bathroom.  When he wants to play, Conan will poke at your back until you comply!

Hangouts: Conan will sleep on his big chair any time of the year, but he does have some seasonal favorites!  In the winter he can be found in a box in front of the fireplace, and in the summer under the sofa is a favorite spot.

Favorite Things: Boxes, brushes, and water!

Other Info: He is a five-year-old kitten; he will jump and do a flip to catch objects thrown for him.  He has a huge body with a tiny head, and often resembles a sea otter (I bet he looks hilarious doing the aforementioned flips!) He is very loved; Jean says “It still makes me smile that we found little Conan and brought him home on that night.”

Happy Holidays from Conan!

..And to all a good night!

If you’re interested in adopting a pet, check out our monthly Van City Kitty Take Us Home editions (most recently or here or here . Both of these recent editions also include excellent holiday gift ideas!)

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