Van City Kity: Meet Bella and Lucy!


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Here are the deets on Bella and Lucy, submitted by VIA reader : Lindsey!

Names: Bella and Lucy

Breed/Colouring: They are both Siamese; Bella is the brown one and Lucy is the white one

Hood: Kits

Habits: Bella loves to sleep and sleep some more. She is very protective of her sleeping habits and if you try to use the bed and disturb her you will definitely be met by a loud growl (don’t worry her growl is all fake, she loves to snuggle and will follow you around until you sit down.) Bella also loves to eat, which is obvious and she is happiest when there is tuna in the house. Her sister (not by birth but by love,) Lucy, is the exact opposite. You can’t settle Lucy down. She is always on the move and has stuff to do, whether that is run up and down the stairs or try to open every door in the house (successfully a lot of the times.) Lucy is a lover too but only after she has run her energy out. She doesn’t mind that Bella eats all her food, she doesn’t have time to eat; things to do things to do!

Hangouts: Bella is found most of the time passed out in front of the fire place, on the bed or asleep on someone’s lap! Lucy loves to hang out all over the place and is most relaxed upside down on her back with legs sprawled out!

Favorite Things: Bella and Lucy both love shoe boxes! Bella’s owner tried to convince her that maybe a larger shoe box (like a boot box) was more her size but she didn’t want to hear it, she can fit in the same box as Lucy just fine thank you! Bella and Lucy also love cat nip although they are currently in recovery from a serious cat nip addiction!

Other Info: These two are lovers and have grown up together after their owner rescued them both separately from an animal shelter (who wouldn’t want these cuties!) They were born in Northern California and moved up to Canada with their owner. While they don’t love the cold weather here, they love having the fire place on all the time!

Bella must be very patient, waiting for her turn in the shoe box!

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