Van City Kitty: Meet Fleetwood Stardust!


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Here are the deets on Fleetwood Stardust, submitted by VIA reader : Sarah C!

Name: Fleetwood Stardust (but “Fleetwood” to her friends)

Breed/Colouring: Glamorous white with stylish gray splotches

Hood: Strathcona; around Georgia and Hawks

Habits:  Nuzzling nose into faces, chasing flies, napping, and crying lovely single tears. 

Hangouts:  The couch, middle of the floor, Sarah’s belly, and Sarah’s neck.

Favorite Things: Treats, window ledges, cuddle time, mohair, new/unfamiliar shoes or bags, and glasses of fresh water.
Other Info:  Sarah met this cat one particularly stressful day at work. They touched noses, and Sarah says, “it was the nicest thing, so I asked if i could have her and it worked out, and I walked her home under my hoodie, and we’ve been tight ever since.”


Fleetwood played xylophone, jammin’ good with Weird and Sarah, the kitties from Mars…

Making love with his blanket, Fleetwood sucked up into her mind, like a furry messiah, when the kids had pet the cat we had to break out the treats…

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