Van City Kitty: Meet Lola!


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Here are the deets on Lola, submitted by VIA reader : Coco and her roommate, May!

Name:  Lola

Breed/Colouring:  Snow white with lovely black splotches

Hood:  North Burnaby

Habits:  Lola likes to sneak around her place and quietly watch people!

Hangouts:  Wherever she thinks people can not find or see her (but actually Coco and May can; Lola is not very good at hiding.)

Favorite Things:  Fish, ham, and treats.

Other Info:  Lola lays around all day and only gets her exercise by playing with Coco’s dog Porsche – she has a bossy attitude.


Look at her little tongue!


Paralyzed by a sunbeam:

Road trip!

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