Van City Kitty: Meet Mama Cat!


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Here are the deets on Mama Cat, submitted by VIA reader : Palu Phillips!

Name: Mama Cat

Breed/Colouring: A cozy tabby

Hood: Born in East Van; lives in Kitsilano

Habits: Giving headbutt kisses

Hangouts: She’s an indoor cat but she will occasionally sit out on the porch

Favorite Things: Necklaces and laptop charger cords

Other Info:  Mama Cat was found in East Van crying behind a dumpster. Upon closer inspection, it was realized that she was pregnant and about to give birth. VOKRA (The Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue Association) took her in and she gave birth to 5 lovely kittens. When they were ready for adoption everyone who came to adopt was only interested in the kittens and not Mama Cat.

A couple of weeks passed and one kitten and Mama remained up for adoption, so Palu decided to adopt both. Initially, people were so enthralled with the boy kitten and the Mama was extremely timid and scared of everything (who could blame her after all she had been through.) Flash forward a year later, and the boy kitten has turned into a total nightmare (he has a penchant for killing birds and getting sick as result and having to go to the vet) and everyone who meets Mama wants to take her home with them. She is so cuddly and she will walk right up to you and give you a kiss and then lay down in your lap for and fall asleep there for hours.

Goes to show that sometimes in adopting a timid adult cat you develop a lifelong cuddle buddy!

Mama and her little monster:

Mama gets along with everyone:


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