VANCOUVER DAZE VOL. 108: The Parker Building Fashion Showcase


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Volume 108: The Parker Project fashion showcase at The Parker Building in East Vancouver on February 8, 2013. Hashtag: #TheParkerProject. Photo courtesy of Dela Cruz PR. More photos available on Flickr and Tumblr.

The Parker Building | Skout Agency @ East Vancouver

From Skout Agency along with many local and international fashion brands on board, comes a collaborative fashion showroom and wholesale distribution centre. This warehouse off Parker Street is looking to appeal directly to the Vancouver market and its boutiques.

The Parker Project | Skout Agency @ East Vancouver

The project has culminated in the Parker Building deep in the heart of East Vancouver, teaming up with Brunette Showroom, Dakota Group, Brock Agency, YBrands, and others.

The Parker Project | Skout Agency @ East VancouverThe Parker Project | Skout Agency @ East Vancouver

To show off, more than a few stunning pieces were previewed including this vibrant dress from Joyce Ma and the folks at The Edit Space as well as a whole wall of shoes with stunners from Cordani.

Fashionistas like (left to right) Jen Tam, Alexandra Grant, Alicia Quan, Randa Salloum, and Megan West took in the new and upcoming styles inside the fashion warehouse.