Van City Kitty: Meet P.K!


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Here are the deets on P.K, submitted by VIA readers : Ashley Letts!

Name: P.K.

Breed/Colouring:  Maine Coon / Tabby

Hood: Mount Pleasant

Habits:  Being surly, crunching his teeth through plastic bags, and swatting glasses off of faces!

Hangouts:  The bathroom counter, the end of the bed, sitting on the toilet with the lid down, and the chillin’ in the laundry basket, re-furring all the clothes.

Favorite Things: Bath water, stolen snuggles, boxes and shopping bags.

Other Info: PK stands for Princess Killah – her people thought little baby PK was a girl.

The ferocious little Killah!

Life is tough for a little handsome princess:


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