Van City Kitty: Meet Kirby!


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Here are the deets on Kirby, submitted by VIA reader : Jeremy Hood!

Name: Kirby

Breed/Colouring: Ginger

Hood: Grandview, near Commercial Drive

Habits: He likes to chew the soft plastic on grocery bag handles, and he loves to lay on warm clothes from the dryer for re-furring.  He will gladly be held like a baby but detests his nails being trimmed.

Hangouts: The couch is all Kirby, all the time. He likes to sit right in the middle in an effort to dissuade others from sitting on the couch with him. He’s also famous for his ‘spread-eagle’ way of laying on the back of said couch. Also, in his older years, he’s become quite the snuggler (he never used to be) and likes to lay on laps and chests. Sometimes he will burrow under the bed sheets and sleep under a mound of covers.

Favorite Things: He’s never really been a big into playing with toys, when he does, it is with those tiny toy mice that go missing within 10 minutes of hitting the floor. He also loves his sister very much, who was adopted as a kitten from VOKRA last summer.

Other Info: As mentioned, a new addition came into the house last July. Harriet the kitten (featured a few months ago) is Kirby’s new sister. While he gets a little antsy if she’s too smothering, they have become inseparable. Many times it seems Kirby is at his wit’s end when he constantly gets chased about the house by little Harriet, but it’s all in good fun. Kirby knows (or thinks, at least) he’s boss of the house. He has a rough exterior (he was one of those crazy ginger male kittens) but he’s a softie on the inside, especially in his older years.

“I don’t always appreciate toys, but when  I do, I lose them pretty much immediately.”

This is his “thoughtful big brother” look.


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