Van City Kitty: Meet Neko!


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Here are the deets on Neko, submitted by VIA reader : Jessica Kovach!

Name: Neko

Breed/Colouring: The noble “Long Haired Cow Cat”

Hood:East Vancouver...

Habits: Bullying his sisters, Scratching the litter box walls (for what seems like hours) flaunting his handsomeness and running all over his people every morning at dawn.

Hangouts: Anything remotely box-like, messenger bags, and purses (particularly right after they’ve been taken off.)

Favorite Things: Ping Pong Balls, chasing the laser pointer, attacking people through the shower curtain, going for walks to the laundry room in the laundry basket, climbing bicycles & most of all shredding his papa’s hands during battles on the drum stool.
Other Info: Neko mean “cat” in Japanese, and this Neko has the eye brows of Pai Mei!

Neko just wants to ride his bicycle.

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