Van City Kitty: Meet Asterix Le Fluff!


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Sorry for the delay, kitty friends! I know we usually have a Van City Kitty post on Wednesday, and I do hope you were able to hold out until today. I promise to tweet a bunch of kitties (@VanCityKittyVIA) this weekend, even if they are just my own to make up for the lack of cat awesomeness during the week.

Here are the deets on Asti, submitted by VIA reader : James!

Name: Asterix Le Fluff or “Asti” to her friends

Breed/Colouring: Calico

Hood: West End/Davie Village

Habits: Snuggles, sleeping, drinking from the bathtub and other cute things to distract from all of her trouble-making! Asti is suspected of nefarious drug dealings (without consent of her owners, mind you) including involvement in a local catnip ring that delivers the nip right to other cats’ windows.

Hangouts: The couch, the bed, and the alley on weekdays. Asti prefers to unwind at Oasis and the Pumpjack on weekends.

Favorite Things: “None of your buisiness” says Asti! James, who has authority to speak for Asti, has confirmed that she likes plastic, Starbucks oat-bars, blueberries, and jumping.

Other Info:

Asti was born on the hard streets of Bella Coola and made it big in Vancity.  James rescued her through a caring partner and her neighbors;  he heard that there was a new litter of kittens who were born to a family who had no way to care for them and were considering the worst.  Asti is alive, happy, and healthy thanks to James, his partner, and a lovely network of residents.

This is her “none of your business” face.

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