Stunning Rodney Graham chandelier to be installed under the Granville Bridge. #gwerk


If it sounds crazy that a gigantic Rodney Graham chandelier is getting installed under the Granville Street bridge, it’s because it is. Crazy awesome, that is.


This spinning chandelier concept by artist Rodney Graham is going to be unveiled at the Gesamtkunstwerk exhibition which open March 22nd. The curated exhibition shows Vancouver’s architectural coming-of-age, with the new Vancouver House development model at its centre.

This 4×6 metre chandelier is to be a large kinetic sculpture in the shape of a giant faux-crystal, 18th century candelabra. It’s going to be installed under the Granville Street Bridge, which serves as an entry to the city’s downtown core. Hanging in the cathedral-like space of the bridge’s northern viaduct, directly over Beach Avenue, the chandelier is conceived to slowly rotate as it ascends. Then, once a day at a fixed time, it will release and spin rapidly, descending back to its starting point, coming to rest halfway to the road below.

The discordant, kinetic wonder will be the centrepiece of multiple artworks set to transform the underbelly of the Granville Bridge, adding an indelible new feature to Vancouver’s civic landscape while introducing a truly provocative new concept for public artwork globally. An unused space is transformed to become captivating and compelling.

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