Van City Kitty: Meet Maldon!


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Here are the deets on Maldon, submitted by VIA reader Kat O!

Name: Maldon

Breed/Colouring:  He is a big ‘ol ragdoll – mostly black with a hint of brown tabby markings and blonde splotches.

Hood:  East Van

Habits:  Meowing until he gets what he wants (food or a good brushing), watching dogs from up high on his scratching post, cuddling with his sister Olive, and being a diva.

Hangouts: Outside on a comfy chair,  his bed in front of the window, in his parents bed, and on any black clothes on the floor.

Favorite Things:  Sunbathing outside, being brushed and eating.

Other Info: Kat tells usMaldon is mainly an indoor cat due to his defense mechanism of lying on his back and kneading the air when threatened.”

Always ready for his close-up:


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