Van City Kitty: Meet Gatsby!


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Here are the deets on Gatsby, submitted by VIA reader Evangelene D!

Name: Gatsby

Breed/Colouring:  He sports the style of a Bengal though it’s entirely possible that he is an imposter.

Hood:  East Van/Renfrew near the PNE

Habits:  Gnawing on shoes and sleeping on the corner of Evangelene’s bed.

Hangouts: Gatsby prefers the great indoors and knows better than to even jaunt into the backyard.

Favorite Things:  A tidily made bed, rolled up socks, an alarm clock that displays time on the ceiling (ultimate laser pointer), and Evangelene’s left ballet flat shoe.

Other Info:  Although Gatsby’s heart formally belongs to another, that other is often away and Evangelene is happy to swoop in and be Gatsby’s buddy any time. 


Enjoying the afterglow of a good shoe chewing:




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