Van City Kitty: Meet Foster Brown!


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If I have to hear songs about Santa Clause and drink out of holiday red cups as soon as November 1st, I am continuing to celebrate Halloween costumed kitties as long as they are still appearing in my inbox. Send me your costumed cats and I will post them!

Here are the deets on Brown, submitted by VIA reader Kelly O!

Name: Foster Brown

Breed/Colouring: Brown tabby rescue kitty

Habits:  Wresting with his brother, Recon, and taunting him with tuna breath. He is also very clever and learned the word for treats (“cookie”) very quickly!

Favorite Things: Boar meat treats, snuggly naps, chewing on his blanket and playing fetch with paper balls.

Other Info: I met him in the kitchen at VOKRA while doing cat care when he was was about 8 weeks old. He had had been with another foster, but had some digestive problems and his brother and sister were not getting along with him. He stayed at VOKRA headquarters for some time, and I would drop in to visit him even when I wasn’t working a cat care shift; I couldn’t stop thinking about him. He was incredibly sweet and content to snuggle on my shoulder and purr. My elder cat had passed away several months before, and my other cat Chantilly had become very lonely and clingy, so I thought maybe she could use a friend. The kitten in the kitchen certainly needed a home, so I decided to take him in as a foster and see how things went. Every time I picked him up, he melted into my arms. It took me about 24 hours to foster fail, flat on my face, and I decided to adopt him.


Pumpkin spice Brown in her basic kitsch:



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