Where to adopt a pet in Vancouver


Every year after the holidays the SPCA and other organizations see a spike in the volume of pets that people surrender to them. Simply put, some well-meaning people give pets as gifts but while it’s a nice gesture, often it’s not very well thought out. Many of these pets end up getting “returned”; they end up in shelters and it’s sad to say that if they’re not adopted they could potentially be euthanized. We’ve put together this handy guide of places in and around Vancouver where you can go to adopt one of these pets. You could be saving one of their lives as well as improving your own!

Where to Adopt a Pet in Vancouver

By Vancouver Is Awesome

Have you considered welcoming a furry addition to your family as of late? If so, skip the pet store and provide a home for an animal in need by adopting from one of the city’s local shelters!

  • Richmond Animal Protection Society

    By Vancouver Is Awesome

    With a focus on providing aid and re-homing all animals in need, the Richmond Animal Protection Society has both farm animals, as well as household pets up for adoption.

  • Dogwood Rescue Society

    By Vancouver Is Awesome

    Specializing in dog rescues and rehabilitation, there’s no better place to adopt man’s best friend (in all shapes and sizes) than from Dogwood Rescue Society. 

  • Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue

    By Vancouver Is Awesome

    If you fancy yourself more of a cat person, then drop by VOKR to meet all the cats and kittens that are currently looking for a loving home. How can you say no to that face?

  • BC SPCA: Vancouver Branch

    By Vancouver Is Awesome

    The BC SPCA is the obvious choice when looking to adopt animals, and it may just be the best option if you’re searching for companions other than dogs or cats. The smaller critters need love too!

  • Vancouver Animal Control (Shelter)

    By Vancouver Is Awesome

    Our city’s municipality actually runs its own shelter, dedicated to rescuing animals off the streets and finding them a new home and a dedicated owner.