Bend Sinister plays a beautiful tune on a public piano

Words: Adam Sharp from Big Smoke


Being the second year of this video series, we thought long and hard about whether or not we wanted to feature any of the same artists who had performed in last years series, and came to the conclusion that with so many talented musicians in this city it would be more exciting to continue showcasing new people and present a broadened view of the talented people that live here. We did, however, decide to make one exception…

Dan Moxon of the band Bend Sinister was one of the first guests we confirmed shooting with last year, and his performance at the piano in the Olympic Village was one of our favourites of the season. Dan then performed several songs at the annual Keys To The Streets wrap party called Sunset Serenade, and agreed to help us out this year by performing at the program’s fundraising event held at Red Cat Records in late spring. More than anything, we wanted to take this opportunity to thank Dan for his support of the project over the past two years as we bring to you this powerful performance of his original song, The Corner, performed on a windy late-summer’s afternoon at Nelson Square in downtown Vancouver.

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