Nostalgia, Memory and Autumn

Detail of a still life installation as part of Jay Senetchko's Best of Life Exhibition at Burrard Arts Foundation

Leaves fall and the inclination for home-burrowing becomes overwhelming. Autumn has arrived. Our thoughts turn to change and transition as we also quietly reflect on the beautiful disappearing days of summer.

A suite of current Vancouver exhibitions parallel this phase shift. Each show examines themes of nostalgia, memory and storytelling. Should you be in the mood for some introspection and time travel, here are some gems to visit this week.

Image courtesy of Presentation House Gallery.
Installation Image and Painting Detail Image of Jay Senetchko’s Best of Life Exhibition at the Burrard Arts Foundation.
Two works by Janice Wu, Postcard (Enchanting Chinatown) 2013, 14” x 19”, Pencil & Gouache on paper (left) Postcard (Funny thing) 2013, 14” x 19”, Pencil & Gouache on paper (right)
Works by Angela Grossmann and Drew Shaffer. Balloon, 2015, Angela Grossmann, mixed media collage, 16 x 20″ (left), And You Never Will While You’re Living Under My Roof, 2015, Drew Shaffer, 20 x 20 x 14”, mixed media (right)