The Olympic Village beaver is back!


A couple years ago we posted this video of a wayward beaver who had made his way into the manmade wetlands of Vancouver’s Olympic Village. He quickly became a news sensation, then was transported to a friendlier environment for his species.

The original Olympic Village Beaver back in 2013
The original Olympic Village Beaver back in 2013

There have been rumblings about another beaver in the wetlands over the past few months, and this video from the summer largely flew under the radar garnering only 56 views…

I talked to two people who confirmed they saw a beaver in the wetlands today, and went down to investigate the lodge that seems to have popped up overnight. It’s made up of a bunch of mud, plant life and of course a great number of branches.


The city has installed some chicken wire to “beaver-proof” some of the trees like this birch pictured below.


But few of the smaller shrubs and trees are safe!


The last time this happened the theory was that the beaver had swam in from the suburbs by way of Burrard Inlet to False Creek, then up into the wetlands through the outflow pictured below.


Here’s hoping that the City decides to remove this guy from the wetlands ASAP. It may look like a peaceful place for a semiaquatic rodent to live but it’s not exactly a healthy place to be swimming. HERE is a feature I wrote about how the water from the wetlands is actually made up mostly YUCK and gets filtered naturally before making its way into False Creek.

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