16 stunning photos of birds in Metro Vancouver


If you’re on Instagram (OF COURSE YOU’RE ON INSTAGRAM) then you don’t haver to look very far beyond Vancouver to get amazing images of nature and the outdoors in your feed. It’s not only the supergrammers with 100,000 who share the awesomeness, but it sometimes feel like there’s an army . One person you should start following right now is @iPhilFlash. A rising star with 900 followers, he mostly shoots nature and has an absurd amount of bird photos that he’s shot in and around Vancouver. Below are 20 of our favourites. Enjoy!

– A light breakfast – ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ A juvenile Great Blue Heron catches a tiny fish for breakfast. I think it's a juvenile because it was small and its feathers were brown. Unfortunately, this is close to a 100% crop of the original frame. Wish I could have cropped this in camera but I don't have a 600mm lens.? I think I'll go buy a lottery…haha! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Location: #HarrisonRiver #HarrisonMills #BritishColumbia #Canada Camera: #Canon #7DMarkII Lens: EF 400mm f/5.6L USM Settings: 1/500 sec f/8 ISO 1250 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Many thanks to Henni of @astounding_shots for featuring my heron silhouette. Check them out for some astounding photography. Follow and tag #astounding_shots for your chance to be featured.

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