Van City Kitty is Back!


Because there are absolutely not enough cat photos on the internet yet (and I really mean it) here’s your weekly dose of local kitties to creep, back from a year-long hiatus!

Here are my cats!
Here are my cats!

The lowdown: Send me your cats – at least two photos, along with answers to the questions below. You can answer them in the form of your feline roommate, or not, or see if I change your answers anyways and assume your cat’s voice. When your cat is on Vancouver is Awesome, you have a whole new reason to bring up your cat’s many accomplishments to anyone who will pretend to listen.

Here are the questions to answer and send in:

What your kitty looks like. (breed, colours, fur texture, however intimate you want to get here)
Where your kitty lives. (let’s not get too specific, people might go out looking for your cat on summer walks with wine and cat treats if they live nearby. Which is totally not crazy and absolutely understandable, but you probably don’t want that, and it could be a little off-putting to find your cat playing with strangers, even if they write publicly about cats on a blog and are totally cool.)
Your kitty’s favourite things. (Something more interesting than food. Who doesn’t like food?)
Anything else your kitty might want people to know about them. (Go nuts here.)

Send your answers to:

Example needed? Here is one of my cats!

Name: Sakura, like the cherry blossom trees.
What he looks like: Grey and white like a little soft feline cow – currently with patches of green and pink because Tisol sells pet airbrush pens now and I wanted him to look like a Sex Pistols album.
Where he lives: Around the glamourous Dude Chilling Park/Kingsgate Mall area.

Habits: Drinking water from the tap that is running off of his own face, testing his banshee skills in the middle of the night, dunking his foot in actively used water glasses, stealing food from his cat brother and taking insulin needles like a pro.
Where he hangs out: Mostly on the kitchen counter where he inspects every aspect of dinner prep (unless we have guests, I realize some people think cat hair is gross in food).
Favourite things: Probably cheese, and really, who can blame him?
Other things I’d like to tell you: Sakura is old enough to legally drink in the States, but 21 for a cat is ancient, so I doubt he’d appreciate me taking him to a show there. Would they even let him in with a proper ID? Maybe not. Anyways, here’s a photo of him on his 21st birthday last summer.


Birthday party!
Birthday party!


Hello! I will be your cat lady narrator until further notice. Send me your cat photos!
I will be your cat lady narrator until further notice. Send me your cat photos!

If you’re interested in adopting a cat, check out the upcoming monthly Van City Kitty Take Us Home editions – last time was Tuk Tuk and Super Trooper, who are probably adopted after that long kitty hiatus. Click here to check them out anyways!