Van City Kitty: Take Dijon Home!


Would you like a new life-long friend? You are in luck, dear readers – approximately every month I will be introducing you to a kitty who is looking for a home!

Here’s the Netflix-and-chill loving Dijon (as in actually just chilling on the couch, no sex stuff. Well, I mean you can do that if you want, but he’ll go elsewhere. Or maybe just creepily watch as cats do sometimes) from VOKRA!

How can you not adore that smug little cat face?
He might just watch you. I have no idea.

Dijon is a total cuddlebug. He adores being petted and cuddled on the couch, and will rush to join in as soon as he hears you hit the furniture. His favorite is being wedged between two people for maximum pets. He is also feisty, and will play with you to both of your amusement. Dijon is FIV positive, and while he is happy and healthy, he is best off either as an only-kitty or with another FIV positive cat friend. (There is no risk of transferring to people.)


Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue Association (VOKRA) is a no-kill, non-profit, registered charity dedicated to the rescue of cats in the Lower Mainland that is run entirely by volunteers with no paid staff.
Instead of having a shelter, VOKRA provides over 300 individual foster homes which helps to protect the very young from colds, distemper, parasites and other transmissible illnesses. In a home environment, cats are safe and well socialized, with lots of love and attention.

VOKRA also has an extensive TNR program, which means they trap, spay/neuter, and work with community cats to control the homeless cat population.

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