Van City Kitty: Meet Moo!


A new kitty once a week! Click here to find out how your cat can appear on Van City Kitty. Meet Moo, submitted by VIA reader, Adele!

The mighty explorer of foxgloves patches.
The mighty explorer of foxgloves patches.

Name: Moo. Betcha can’t guess why.
Breed/Colouring: She looks like a cow! did you get it? Clever. Moo has cow spots with a cute little goatee.
Hood: Moo is very cosmopolitan and lives in a chic Gastown apartment, but loves to get out of the city from time to time on a road trip.

Habits: Not one to soil her paws in a litterbox like a peasant, Moo uses the same toilet as her people. She also sometimes beats up the dog, steals their dinner, and calls it their tithe.
Hangouts: The refrigerator.

No really, the refrigerator.
No really, the refrigerator.

Favorite Things: Exploring new places and sniffing out snacks better than the dog can.
Other Info: Adele tells VIA, “Moo was in rescue for well over a year before we picked her up and I can’t figure out why (maybe her tendency to make you bleed). She can give “paw”, “lie down”, “roll over”, “stand” and has very good recall. Moo has no problem traveling and taking over anyplace she visits as her own. When she suspects you may be hiding treats, Moo can open cabinets, zippers, plastic containers and even the fridge.”

Watch out, she'll make you bleed.
Watch out, she’ll make you bleed.

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