Dogtown Vancouver Adoption Chapter: Seven


Today’s dog featured in Dogtown Vancouver’s Adoption Chapter is Seven, from Home at Last. Here’s what they had to say about her…

NAME: Seven.
BREED: Belgian Sheepdog – German Shepherd cross.
OTHER INFO: Seven is a dedicated and loving dog who is in need of a new fur-ever family. As a young pup, Seven lost one of her eyes and is starting to go blind in the other. This affectionate canine would love to acquire a seeing-eye human! Seven still loves to go on ‘sniffing walks’ and car rides. She is house trained and will do an on-the-spot pee-dance to let you know she’s gotta go. This young lady takes her job as your protector seriously and will bark to alert you to any potential intruders. Living most of her life with a feline friend, she would do well with a household that has a cat. Unfortunately, Seven’s not quite sold on tiny, unpredictable humans and so would like to keep her roommate situation to adults if possible.  Check out more information on Seven here!

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