Van City Kitty: Meet Boo Bear!


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Meet Boo Bear, submitted by VIA reader, Ilke!

Watch out for this one.
Watch out for this one.
Name: Boo Bear
Breed/Colouring: A tabby with the mane of a lion.

Hood: East Van, with his buddy, Mr. Fox.

Habits: Playing fetch – even bringing the ball back and placing it in your hand.

Hangouts: Outside on a leash, and on Ilke’s boyfriend’s desk, just staring adoringly.

Favorite Things: Ilke’s boyfriend, crinkly balls (the cat toy kind, that’s not a jab) and the sun.

Other Info: “Boo Bear was found behind a freezer in a barn in Surrey BC. He was weeks old and still had his eyes closed. He still has asthma and a mild heart murmur today but nothing stops his appetite for life.”

Just another day at the office with Boo Bear and Mr. Fox.
Just another day at the office with Boo Bear and Mr. Fox.

Creep these two on Instagram: @mrfoxandboobear

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